Community Service Programs

Under the leadership of GFWC and GFWC Florida, we have six community service programs that contribute to the mission of our organization. These programs include Arts, Conservation, Education, Home Life, International Outreach, and Public Issues.  The six GFWC Community Service Programs are structured to enable our Club to harness the vast resources of our membership and to address the needs of the community. Each Committee has a chairperson and works hard to meet its purpose as outlined by GFWC. Each member of our Club is required to serve on one Community Service Committee each year.


The GFWC Arts Community Service Program encourages  members to promote and support activities in music, dance, drama,  theater and other arts-related areas, both traditional and innovative.


The GFWC Conservation Community Service Program is designed for members to gain an appreciation for our environment. Through preservation, maintenance and restoration of our natural resources, it strives to educate members about the importance of beautifying our communities and stimulating citizen action to address these concerns.


The GFWC Education Community Service Program encourages members to increase rates of adult, youth and family literacy within our communities in the United States. Our goal is to increase literacy through volunteerism.

Home Life

The GFWC Home Life Community Service Program informs members and provides opportunities and resources to address issues that affect the well-being of individuals, families and communities, such as  prevention, research and treatment of diseases, promoting a healthy lifestyle, addressing the issues of hunger, inadequate housing and homelessness, and promoting financial responsibility.

International Outreach

The GFWC International Outreach Program enables members to become better world citizens through advocacy, education and action by raising cultural awareness, advocating for basic human needs, and promoting self-sufficiency to effect change in and for our global friends and their communities.​

Public Issues

The GFWC Public Issues Program actively connects members with activities relating to civic engagement by focusing on the following areas: Literacy, Citizenship; Veterans Affairs; Emergency Preparedness; and Safety.